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Transportation Minister’s Speech Highlights RCCAO’s Advocacy Successes
June 12th, 2024 12:07 pm     A+ | a-
“We are choosing to build!”
On May 30, Ontario Transportation Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria outlined his vision for the future of transportation in Ontario at the Empire Club of Canada.

RCCAO Executive Director Nadia Todorova and RCCAO Board Chairman Peter Smith were in attendance and were encouraged to hear the Minister expand on the Ontario government's commitment to building transformational critical infrastructure projects like the Bradford Bypass and Highway 413.
RCCAO has long been the leading proponent of building these generational infrastructure projects, which are necessary to facilitate the efficient movement of people and goods across a region that accounts for 20% of Canada’s GDP.

The construction of Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass is a huge win for workers, commuters, and Ontario’s economy. RCCAO’s commissioned polling, starting in 2021, has consistently revealed strong support for building these projects as well as the construction of new roads and highways across the province.
As Ontario’s economy and population grows, investments in all kinds of infrastructure, from transit, highways, roads, bridges, water and wastewater to housing, will be key to a prosperous future.
While there is still lots of work to be done, RCCAO welcomes the Ontario government's advancements to get these vital pieces of infrastructure built and we look forward to seeing the next stages of these projects get underway.
Thank you to RCCAO members and industry partners for joining us.


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