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RCCAO webinar discusses new excess soil regulations in Ontario
January 13th, 2022 8:10 pm     A+ | a-

By Nadia Todorova

The year started with new excess soil regulations coming into force in Ontario, and RCCAO held a webinar detailing them to keep members and industry partners up to speed.
These new regulations stem from a December 2019 Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks regulation under the Environmental Protection Act titled “On-Site and Excess Soil Management” to support improved management of excess construction soil.
January 1 saw the second phase of the December 2019 regulation come into effect, particularly around the testing, tracking and registration of excess soil. These new regulations were the basis of RCCAO’s webinar. In a testament to the importance of the excess soil process to the infrastructure and construction industry, close to 140 attendees tuned into the webinar.
The event was led by D. Grant Walsom of XCG Consulting Limited who provided an in-depth review of the new regulations, their impact to the construction and infrastructure industry and addressed questions from the audience regarding various project scenarios. Attendee questions covered the gamut of the new regulations from grandfathering of current projects, reuse sites to exemptions and tracking requirements.
Grant’s presentation can be found here and a copy of the webinar recording can be found here.
RCCAO will remain involved on the file and monitor how these new regulations are impacting infrastructure and construction projects across Ontario. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to follow up on what you learned during the webinar.
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